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New Kid Dictionary
Lazar Sarna, author
The New Kid Dictionary is a compilation of original expressions, queries, explanations and utterances, (all off-the-cuff) by kids and adults faced with usually common or surprising circumstances. These have been captured and set down here in their original form, thereby preserving the humor, innocence, joy and curiosity that language can offer. Sometimes the wording may be twisted or incomplete. Often the idea is there but half-baked in its expression. These sayings capture a stage in life and a snap-shot of a moment frozen forever in this book. The contents are not meant to make fun of anyone: on the contrary they glorify the creativity and courage of expression. They summarize in a way the path travelled by two of the Offers (Authors) during their fifty years of marriage. LAZAR SARNA currently writes and lectures on literary and professional issues, and practices law in Montreal Canada. He is the author of the poetry collections He Claims He is the Heir and Letters of State, both through Porcupine’s Quill, as well as the novels The Man Who Lived Near Nelligan, Coach House Press and Book Bin Baby, Adelaide Books. His poetry has appeared in Antigonish Review, Canadian Forum, Canadian Literature, Descant, Fiddlehead, and Prism International. The poetry book He Claims He is the Heir was nominated as finalist for the Quebec Writers Federation Award.