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Ninety-Year-Old Vet’s Journey Through Life
Al Monroe, author
For many years now, I have wanted to write about my life, and especially about some of the people in my life. I’m sorry to say that due to my lack of faith in my writing skills, I gave up many times. In those days, I thought I wouldn’t live past sixty years old, but here I am—ninety years old, and still going strong. Well, not so strong, but people are surprised when I tell them how old I am! And would you believe it—due to the encouragement of a few of my family, friends, VA doctors, nurses, and counselors, I have completed this book about the first seventeen-and-a-half years of my life, and I have almost completed a book that ends on the year of my twenty-first birthday. And if the readers of this book will do the math, they will realize that I have a lot more writing to do!