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Dave Kwan
NINJANS 2: Black Feather
Dave Kwan, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Teenager Tommy is strong-armed to join a local street gang that's organized to steal vehicles and do break-ins. Evidence at a crime scene lead the Police to arrest Tommy and he goes before the Court as a Juvenile. The Judge gives Tommy a 'Second Chance' and releases him to the care of his grandparents, Carl and Kathy Long Grass. Living of the Indian Reserve bores Tommy until he enrols at Gold Eagle Martial Arts. The discipline, progress, and positive friendships, help Tommy to develop new purpose and direction. His attitudes improve and his grades go up. However, big city thugs, the Northwest Gang, controlled by their cruel leader Bossman, move in and flood the territory with crime, drugs and violence. When Tommy is threatened and Kathy is abducted, Carl and his friends, all Ninjans, fight the heavily-armed Northwest Gang at an old abandoned Steel Mill. Carl and Bossman have a showdown and the Ninjans defeat the criminals and leave them for the Police to arrest and put behind bars. One year after Kathy's death, Carl begins to train Tommy as a Ninjan!