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Dave Kwan
NINJANS 3: The Golden Seal
Dave Kwan, author

Adult; General Fiction (including literary and historical); (Market)

Jody Long Grass honours the dying request of her grandfather, Carl Long Grass - travel to Japan and return a special Artifact to its rightful owners, a Ninja Clan. The Artifact was passed down from the Sword Master Katsu, to his son Takeshi. The Ninja Master bestowed the relic to his Ninja graduate, a Shoshone young man named Yuji; who later passed the Artifact to his son Kamatsu. Years later, Kamatsu gave it to his son George, who handed it down to his son Carl. Now, the Ninjan Master is dying from stage four Lymphoma. He asks Jody to complete his unfinished mission to Japan and return the Golden Seal to the Shinobi Ninja Clan. Jody has just graduated College and has never flown on a plane, or travelled outside the United States. Japan is a new and daunting country to her. However, Jody dearly loves her grandfather and feels the duty and honour to accept the task and return the Golden Seal - the ancient key to a great secret treasure!