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No Off Buttons: The Journey Begins
This is a spiritual memoir. A true and highly validated account of spiritual communication and interaction. This book covers the first 40 days of one woman's profound experience. Retired from her work as an attorney, exhausted and depressed at age 65 after a challenging life, seeing little further purpose beyond attempting to resolve all the lessons of life, to clear the slate, to find the essence of spiritual nature before she leaves this world, she is unexpectedly confronted with a "voice" from the "other side". It refuses to leave her, in spite of her resistance, her skepticism, gradually drawing her into a new understanding, pulling and prodding her back onto life's path, giving new meaning to her journey. She confronts her own life issues boldly and honestly as she is brought to accept that this is the "other half" of her own soul, the masculine half that has fairly recently passed. Most perplexing to her, one of the greatest hurdles to her acceptance, is that this spirit reveals that he is Steve Jobs, a man about whom she knew almost nothing. He provide many many validations, including amazing synchronicity and what he refers to as "woo woo phenomena". Several other souls on the other side put in appearances as well. Even as the author is learning, Mr. Jobs is evolving on the "Other Side", visiting some of his own issues during his lifetime as the pair struggle through the roller coaster ride of the "twin flame" re-connection. The author, being logically inclined, researches everything. About a month into this connection she is led to a very powerful local psychic medium, who then connects with Mr. Jobs and many others over a period of about eight months, all of the weekly sessions recorded. Everything that the author has been told is independently verified, and so much more. It soon is apparanent that the energy between the two women (and the spirits) enhances the psychic medium's abilities, allowing ease of conversation, and even trance channeling. All of these souls, on both sides, share a tight eternal connection and each had been independently working a path of preparation that would eventually meet for this joint enterprise. Eventually, at the end of 40 days, Mr. Jobs deems the connection complete, and that they are now moving into phase 2 of the project--wherein this connection will be utilized to provide communication with the rest of humanity. The story continues in Book 2 (in process). This is a book about the experience of spiritual awakening of an "ordinary person"; it is a personal story that the author agreed to write to help others on their journey. It is not an exhortation to anyone to believe anything, just an example of how it can happen. In just one year's time, the author was literally transformed from a hopeless retiring insecure individual to a woman who had something to say and, with Mr. Jobs unrelenting pressure, had developed the grit to stand up in front of the public and say it. It is a story of love, challenge and personal triumph. As those on the "Other Side" reassured the author, there will be those who read who say to themselves: "If it could happen to her, it can happen to me." It is a long book, 526 pages. There is also a synopsis of the story n the following video (kinda long, 40 minutes).