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Todd Kirby
No Power
Todd Kirby, author
When Manhattanite Tom Walton wakes up from a suicide attempt, he finds himself in a Bronx hospital being attacked by an ancient, savage creature that thrives in the darkness of a summer blackout. Tom, the son of a rich and racist New York politician, teams up with his fellow patients — a diverse group of Bronx natives — in an attempt to fight back. As Tom falls helplessly in love with Kiki, a badass teenage patient, he gains a deeper understanding of the source of his pain and reconsiders his stance on life. But when Tom’s true identity is revealed to the crew, he must work to unify the group and escape the hospital… or be eaten alive. *** NO POWER is the electrifying first book of BRONXLAND, a YA social horror anthology series that examines modern society’s ongoing fight against evil, set in one of the toughest places on earth: The Bronx, New York. Perfect for fans of FEAR STREET who are looking for a little more fear — and a lot more street.