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Linda Freeny
Nobody's Angel
Linda Freeny, author
Detective DAVID KINCAID, is obsessed by finding out who a dead Jane Doe is, and how she came to be in that garbage ridden New York Alley. He believes her death was not an accident overdose, but murder. His quest takes him to the small town he was raised in, and to an older woman who seduced him when he was just sixteen. To his dismay, he still attracted to the woman, and still loves the fantastic sex they had and finds himself unable to stay away from her. He is caught off guard by the fact that the Jane Doe was her daughter...and maybe his. Determined to find out who killed her, it looks like someone from his hometown may have killed her... or not. When he find out who killed the girl, someone very close to him, four more people are dead, a Brazilian steroid outlet is discovered, and when the killer's identity was revealed, it is the ultimate betrayal.