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Cassie Harte, author
NOBODY TOLD ME is the true story of my 25year dependency on prescribed medication. It is a harrowing story of events, influenced by the medication. Antidepressants adversely affected my sense of judgment and reason and so resulted in my many mistakes. My story tells of the ease in which these drugs were prescribed, the side effects and the horrors of withdrawal. It tells of 4 marriages, the loss of two babies and the pain and horror of withdrawal.Although a painful story it is ultimately a story of hope for those dependent on antidepressants and tells how I managed to break free live a happy fulfilled life. It is the sequel to my bestseller I DID TELL I DID but a stand lone story for those who haven't read my first book.

After reading her first book 'I did tell, I did' I bought this one straight away.
Such an inspirational and very harrowing read. Cassie has gone through so much and is brutally honest throughout everything.
As someone who has taken anti depressant medication for years I was very intrigued about this side of the book. It's shocking and eye opening how doctors were so readily prescribing these tablets.
I cried throughout this book and thoroughly encourage others to read it. Inspirational

2nd review

Having previously read, I did Tell by this author, I was intrigued to read this follow up, which explores the link between past issues and abuse with metal health issues. Cassie, shares her personal plight in order to explore this connection and how telling but not having anyone to actually hear her but to deal with the situation only through their own judgemental position, caused her further harm. The doctor's that she saw, barely gave eye contact, let alone see the damaged individual at the other side of their desk.

Instead they wrote prescription after prescription to dull her feelings and put her in a bauble that lead to a further painful battle against addiction and withdrawal from prescribed medication.

Her story is inspiring and what motivates her pen to paper is her desire to prevent others from the same fate, so much so that she is a qualified therapist herself. I too, feel her frustrations having undertaken counselling training and struggling to find paid work, while the NHS battles it's own standing in society with counselling still being reserved for those that can pay.

Cassie paid dearly to share this story and I hope that it continues to motivate and eventually provokes changes in our system that recognise the true value of therapy. I have huge respect for this brave and determined author