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Louis Flint Ceci
Author, Translator, Editor (anthology)
Not Just Another Pretty Face
Louis Flint Ceci, editor (anthology)
Twenty-three photos of male go-go dancers become the basis for stories, poems, essays, and drama by twenty-seven authors, revealing unexpected mysteries, romance, fantasy, and humor. Contributors include 2015 Sue Kaufman Prize winner Michael Carroll, 2013 Lambda Mid-Career author Trebor Healey, and Lammy winners Jeff Mann, David Pratt, and Jim Provenzano.
Gray Harp, Goodreads

Louis Flint Ceci is a quiet author, a writer who understands and appreciates the skills of humming a tune before he sings it, of setting an atmosphere slowly and gently before he ignites his story, and who appreciates the opportunity that writing fiction allows for making important philosophical statements without beating the reader over the head. Louis is also and educator, and software engineer. His published works include poems, short stories, autobiographical essays, and the splendid novel COMFORT ME. He has also published scholarly works on poetics, linguistics, and artificial neural networks. He is a masters swimmer, having competed in the past two Gay Games, the IGLA World Championships in Paris, and the FINA World Championships in Perth. He won the gold medal in the Poetic Justice poetry slam at the 2002 Gay Games in Sydney. Now he adds another dimension to his creative spirit – that of curator or editor of this series of short stories poems and essays that are by a select group of twenty seven writers and are responses to the photographs by Dot (aka Tom Schmidt) of male go-go dancers.

A true collection of ‘stimulus/response,’ each of the photographs by Dot finds that otherworldly gaze that go-go dancers use to enchant their viewers. The stories and poems (and plays) that accompany the images are excellent – fine gay fiction that is not so in your face that it means the book should be secreted somewhere beyond knowing eyes’ reach. Just as it is the women who are most successful at writing erotica for Chick Lit devotees, so are these stories by men for men top of the line. The only criticism is the lack of a story by the editor Louis Flint Ceci – who just happens to be one very fine writer. Recommended for a very broad audience.