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Bliss Bennet
Not Quite a Scandal
Bliss Bennet, author
An inheritance lost. A betrothal threatened. A scandal brewing… Outspoken Bathsheba Honeychurch knows how difficult it is for an unmarried woman, even a Quaker, to successfully champion political change. Her solution? Wed best friend Ash Griffin and begin remaking the world. But the arrival of Ash’s worldly cousin with unthinkable news puts Sheba’s dreams for the future suddenly at risk… The death of Noel Griffin’s grandfather exposes an appalling betrayal: Noel is not the heir to the Silliman earldom, despite what the late earl raised him to believe. Still, the only honorable course is to accept his widowed grandmother’s bitter charge: find the true heir, disentangle him from his religious community, and tutor him in the responsibilities and privileges of a title Noel assumed would be his. He certainly won’t allow a presumptuous, irritating Quakeress to keep him from his duty—no matter how fascinating he finds her… When scandal threatens both their reputations, can Sheba and Noel look beyond past dreams and imagine a new world—together?