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Marisa Moon
Not So Fast
Fast smarter, not harder, with this complete guide to intermittent fasting as a way of life. Not So Fast is a #1 New Release for a compelling reason: other fasting methods lead to results that are short-lived—or, no results at all. Why is that? Because, although intermittent fasting seems like such a simple concept, seven crucial factors complicate the journey and affect its success: 1) The fasting window, 2) The diet and dieting history, 3) Sleep, 4) Stress, 5) Activity level, 6) Hormonal and metabolic health, and 7) Mindset. Join along with experienced intermittent fasting coach, Marisa Moon, as you consider a holistic point of view to take back your power and turn your body into the state of vitality you were born with.
Natalya S. at

What a valuable resource for anyone wanting to dive into the confusing world of IF!

This IS the book you want, as it will teach you how to incorporate fasting into your life, and how to do so safely and “the right way”, so that you can get the most benefit minus the avoidable side effects.

This is an incredibly practical, well written and common sense guide, that breaks down every important aspect of IF.
It will leave you feeling empowered and ready to adopt one of the most beneficial yet easily accessible health interventions, that Intermittent Fasting is.

Marisa’s expertise as a health coach and as a writer come together beautifully in this well written book.
As a seasoned Certified health coach myself, I wholeheartedly recommend this book and will be sharing this valuable resource with my clients.
Thank you, Marisa!