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Pierce Brantley
Not Your Job

#1 best-selling author Pierce Brantley is back with a new way for entrepreneurs to save time, avoid burnout, and discover a proven path to stress-free people management.

Do you know why most entrepreneurs never see their business grow to its fullest potential? It’s not their talent or work ethic that stops them. It’s not even the quality of the product or service. Even the best small businesses will fail if the owner never discovers how to leverage the time and talent of other people. In Not Your Job, you will learn a new approach to people management that is fast, easy, and will not dilute your influence in the business. You will also learn a new method to delegation, how to avoid micromanagement when things get hectic, and the secret to achieving the mindset of a winning, competition-ready business owner. You will even learn how to foster innovation organically—with little to no effort from you.

Inside you will discover:

  • Why most business owners fail to grow their business to its full potential
  • A new approach to delegation for today’s fast-paced business climate
  •  How to get busy work off your plate for good
  • The exact steps to structure work and reporting
  • New strategies for creating a workplace that works for you
  • What a new hire needs to be successful (even without you watching)