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Robert Cole
Nuclear Midnight
Robert Cole, author
On a holiday in England, Alex Carhill is caught in the nightmare of a nuclear holocaust. In a matter of hours, a mid-summer’s day is turned into a nuclear winter. This is the story of his survival in a world that no longer has rules; where climatic extremes, murder, starvation and disease are commonplace. As the land slowly heals, the survivors scratch together an existence in a contaminated wasteland ravaged by plagues of insects and disease. In this world, through hardship and pain, a new society is forged based on new rules and values moulded from the demands and necessities of life. After years of struggle, the survivors find themselves facing their greatest adversary. One they despised and thought had long disappeared in the first months of the holocaust. Now they must marshal all their resources and strength for one last battle against an enemy bent on their destruction.

Cole serves up buffet-size portions of action, nightmarish apocalyptic events, extreme weather conditions, impossible odds, murder, and mayhem in his page-turning dystopian. An adventurous holiday in England for Alex Carhill becomes a nightmare of nuclear holocaust after Russia and USA declares war. With his brother dead, Alex has no option but to continue his journey of survival. The world has changed. Bloodshed, violence, senseless killings, starvation, and infectious diseases are widespread. In this world, through hardship and pain, a new society is formed, which follows new rules and values. But an old enemy is back, and Alex and other survivors must brace themselves for one more fierce battle. Cole tells his story with simplicity, sensitivity, and without any hint of melodrama. The suspense is rampant, the tension stays high, and Cole reveals the devastation of the planet bit by tantalizing bit. He ably infuses escalating danger, mounting mistrust, and dug-in-friendships into the affecting narrative, bringing the survivors’ struggles to life. The story moves with confidence, and readers will find themselves just as caught up in the game of survival as the characters themselves. Fans of fast-paced, action-packed dystopian will want to take a look. This roller-coaster ride is a winner.

BookView Review ★★★★★