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Mayumi Hirtzel
Number Seven and the Life Left Behind
Number Seven is a soldier-turned-bodyguard. His assignment: keep sheltered Olympic hopeful Kirill Morozov unharmed, untouched, and under control until he wins the gold. An easy job if only Kirill weren’t so desperate for a woman’s touch. And if Seven’s superior, Number Two, weren’t scrutinizing their every move. Seven enlists an old friend to satisfy Kirill’s lonely needs. But Number Two discovers their extracurricular activities, dropping Seven into a labyrinth of indecent proposals and explosive conspiracies and leaving him and his friends with only one choice for survival: run. How long can Seven stay out of the crosshairs of his fellow agents? How far will he go to protect his friends? And what might he lose on the way – his friendships, his love, or even his very life?