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Jack Clubb
Obscure Reflections at Dawn
Jack Clubb, author
Obscure Reflections at Dawn By Jack Clubb An artist wakes up from his dreamy world to find himself lost in a dungeon like chamber, just to be pulled away into another reality. The only answers available are in the cryptic clues left by the previous occupant, a dead man reclining in a chair. Events shift to a woman who is renovating an old opera house in St.Louis, but something is lurking from the shadows. One night after finishing violin practice, someone starts clapping, but she’s alone. Her gloomy family history will unfold a twisted world of darkness and desire. Then, the scene changes to a Gothic savage graveyard, where a mysterious angel wonders next to the tomb of a fallen King. The Leader of a cult raises the dead from an ancient settlement. The shadowy secrets of a Doctor whose family built a home for the criminally insane. Though, after dozens of escapes, half of the property had to be sold off as attorney fees grew. A clever archaeologist finds a mysterious object at ‘Cahokia Mounds,’ that changes the entire course of the rest of his life. Look around the murky waters of this gloomy, dark tale of terror that's filled with occult themes and violence of course. Obscure Reflections at Dawn is a fantastically grim mirror of our own reality, asking each one of us the question; what do you believe in? The strangest of all is that it’s all realk