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Dare DeLano
Odus and the Long Way Home
Dare DeLano, author

Odus and the Long Way Home is the first of the Book Keeper books, a series that retells the classics of literature for lower middle grade readers.    

When Liz’s eccentric Aunt Gertrude comes to visit, she warns Liz and her little brother Charlie not to touch any of her things.  But Charlie picks up a mysterious looking book, and the children are magically transported inside its pages.  To get home, they must travel through the book, The Odyssey, and help Odysseus return home.  Liz and Charlie must battle a one-eyed giant called a Cyclops, escape from an invisible trap on Lotus Island, and brave the deadly song of the Sirens.  

Odus and the Long Way Home was awarded a gold medal from the 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Awards, and the 2015 San Diego Book Award for best children’s book.  It is available wherever books are sold.

Kirkus Reviews

Two children find themselves in the world of The Odyssey, charged with helping Odysseus get home in order to do the same for themselves.

DeLano's debut is the first in the Book Keeper series, middle-grade readers centered on the magical book collection of Liz and Charlie's eccentric Aunt Gertrude....The book is well-written and laced with memorable lines....  It is also well-paced, and the children blend seamlessly into the classic tale while still retaining their own concerns and initiatives. They help where they are needed without overwhelming the original plot or engaging in unrealisticheroics.

Liz and Charlie are fun, relatable main characters with a goal many children will understand: Get home and enjoy the adventure along the way. The novel also serves as an appealing, kid-friendly introduction to The Odyssey or a fun way to dive deeper into familiar stories. Gertrude's book collection promises more adventures to come and more classics for the two children to explore, with child readers right beside them.

Aunt Gertrude's library promises a great series to come.