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Jessica Ayala
Of Fangs and Shadows


The city is at war. Daemons haunt the mortal realm, and the wolves of Rome have been called to battle.

Remus, known throughout the Empire as the Lone Wolf, lives a life of solitude, drowning the griefs of his past by hunting those who have ruined him. An unexpected turn of events throws Remus into the crosshairs of the Roman Pack.

Diane is a warrior of the Pack. One of the strongest she-wolves who can control the aether of her godsgiven bloodline. Something reawakens inside of her, a force of darkness with the ability to tear the realms apart, leading her to question all she’s ever known.

As their paths collide, Remus and Diane are forced to put their differences aside and work together, and they face obstacles that will bring them closer to the inevitable battle to save Rome from an enemy even the gods fear.

Remus must face the dark, twisted truths of his past, as Diane discovers more about who she is and what she is truly capable of.

All while battling the growing passion in their hearts.

A new adult fantasy romance set in and inspired by Ancient Rome. A story of guilt and forgiveness. A story of war and change. A story of two warriors, willing to sacrifice everything for love.