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Lynne Hill-Clark
Of Princes and Dragons
Fantasy Meets History in an Epic Adventure “I cannot wait to read the next one. It’s fast paced reading about an unfamiliar world. It seems like it could be real!” — Mbhutches “Keeps you on your toes waiting for what will happen next! Great characters and history!”  — Miller If a hero is the character who changes the most, then that is TELLER! His story is one of action and adventure as he learns to function, somewhat, as a vampire amongst humans. Enough is never enough for Teller. He must get more, more wealth, more power, more … all in the name of winning Vallachia back. But will he ever have enough to satisfy her? Or is it himself who is insatiable? Something or someone must stop him. The vampire battle to end all battles is coming. Who will Teller side with?