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Patti Calkosz
Olaf and Essex
A fox and bear take on bumbling witch kidnappers and the NYPD’s Chief Magic Detector to protect a magical baby and the witches of New York. In an alternate New York City, Olaf, a bear living in Central Park, accidentally scares away two witches. They leave behind a baby, whom they’d kidnapped to force the father—the NYPD’s Chief Magic Detector—to stop harassing the magical community. Olaf’s mother died when he was just a cub, so his natural instinct is to protect the child. When he and his best friend Essex, a fox, find the presumed parents and attempt to return the baby, they witness the female witch, in a fit of pique, turn her husband into a frog. Now Olaf and Essex must keep the baby safe, find the real mother, keep the magical baby away from her Magic Detector father, and avoid getting turned into frogs.