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Once The Storm Is Over: From Grieving to Healing After The Suicide of My Daughter
Nina Bingham, author
Raw and honest, the author shares her painful past: an abusive alcoholic father, a failed marriage, the rejection she suffered after she came out as a lesbian, and her own brush with suicide. What could have been a story mired in self-pity and misery, ultimately is a story of hope. Nina's compelling life journey shows how pain and loss can be transformed into strength and purpose. This book is not only for survivors but for anyone facing depression with suicidal tendencies.
Angeline Acain, Gay Parents Magazine

“Tragedy happens in families whether you are a gay or straight parent.In her memoir, Once The Storm Is Over, Nina Bingham offers valuableinsight to others by sharing her experience of generational clinicaldepression, coming out in a religious family, and of her daughter's suicide. A gifted writer, Bingham is also a courageous soul.”

Dr. David Treadway, Dead Reckoning: A Therapist Confronts His Own Grief

“Nina Bingham‟s book is a jolt to the heart to any of us who havesurvived suicide or raised children in the shadow of it. As Nina says, somany parents cannot imagine surviving the death of their child, andneither could she, but she does! She chooses health and healing and light despite being driven to her knees, heartbroken by her daughter's suicide." 

Dr. Elyn R. Saks, International Best-Selling Author of The Center Cannot Hold

"Nina Bingham's "Once the Storm Is Over: From Grieving to Healing After the Suicide of My Daughter," offers a compelling narrative of loss. In the aftermath of her daughter's suicide, Bingham weaves strands of their shared life together and forges a new path forward for herself. I was deeply moved."