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Once Upon a Crossroad
Set in New York and suburban Connecticut, the early months of 1970 leave in their wake a string of disquieting memories for single parent Erich Mauer, all of them unpleasant. His younger son is confined to a state-run rehabilitation facility following a nearly fatal OD, Erich loses his globetrotting management job when his company restructures, and he’s bedside when his fiancée loses her battle with leukemia. Erich feels that his life is starting over at forty. While offering support to his wayward son, he begins a search for a new job and the woman who will one day take the place of his beloved Tina. Affairs follow, but with two marriages that’ve failed, Erich is understandably cautious. With his career in disarray, a son in rehab, and Tina gone, he still finds the grit to adjust to his setbacks. The story of his revival and what lies ahead are the focal points of the book that follows: A Matter of Time.