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S. D. Unwin
One Second Per Second
S. D. Unwin, author
The greatest scientific challenge of our age wasn’t to enable time travel, it was to prevent it. The laws of physics had turned out to be idiotic, erecting no barriers to hopping time. In fact, they make it hard to avoid. I’m in the business of preserving the timeline—making sure the world sticks to the sacred rule of One Second Per Second, and that history unfolds according to plan. The problem is, there is no plan until I make it.
Kirkus Reviews

Unwin seems to have had quite a lot of fun engineering the plot’s Mobius strip twists and turns .... [The hero’s] refreshing attitude helps wind the mainspring of an SF subgenre that’s grown a bit lax from overuse.... If Michael Crichton’s 1999 novel Timeline had starred as astringent a lead character as Joad, maybe its 2003 movie adaptation would have been better.... Original touches and a misanthropic protagonist keep this clever time-travel tale ticking along nicely.