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NB Williams
One Size Does NOT Fit All: Stress Management
If you are one of the millions struggling with stress or anxiety who have tried everything and don’t know where to turn—I have good news for you. The answer is right in this little book. Until now, you’ve probably been listening to all the stress relief experts out there who are telling you there is one “right” way to manage stress. And then you try their suggestions without taking yourself into consideration. After all, it worked for all the customers in their testimonials, right? Sure. It may have. But you are not them. You have your own issues, reactions, and physiology. What works for one does not necessarily work for everyone, and that is the missing piece of the stress management puzzle. Luckily, there IS a way, unique to your body, your personality and your lifestyle, to conquer stress once and for all. I’ve taken the time to research stress management techniques across a variety of platforms so you don’t have to waste more precious time and money searching for the one that works for you. There is not just ONE right way to destress. There is the right way for YOU. In the One Size Does NOT Fit All Guide to Stress Management, you will learn how to: Determine the type of stress you are feeling—physical, emotional, mental—and discover the perfect way to deal with each of these types of stress. Reduce your stress by doing this one thing daily… Improve your ability to handle stressful situations with these simple techniques… Design your own personalized Stress Relief Toolkit that will end your battle with stress forever… If you are ready to banish stress and start living the happy, healthy life you deserve, you need this book!