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Ray Peden
One Tenth of the Law
Ray Peden, author
A chance encounter in a Georgia rest area and Patrick Grainger is the only witness to the kidnapping of a young girl in broad daylight. Soon the unexpected bond that develops between Grainger and the girl’s family opens Pandora’s box. Grainger has left his killing past behind, grieving for 12 years over the death of his wife and daughter, when the father of the kidnapping victim stumbles onto evidence, carefully concealed for a decade—the tragic fire that killed Grainger’s family was no accident. As the blocks topple the identities of the killers and their roles in a massive wartime conspiracy come to light. The deadly gamesmanship threatens to bring down a powerful and ruthless multinational empire that will stop at nothing to protect its interests. Ordinary people forced into extraordinary circumstances become unwilling participants in a lethal game of high-stakes intrigue, climaxing with one stunning personal twist none of them ever saw coming.