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Nathaniel Wright
Only Half Human

Young Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

High school was hard enough for Lesley Robinson, and that was before she sprouted wings, a tail, and devil horns. She and her witch mother are forced to flee to Misty Hollow, a hidden haven for mythical creatures. As the only half-demon at her new school, Lesley struggles to fit in. Desperate to restore her humanity, she can’t help but be tempted when Asmodeus, chief prince of the demons, gives her a magic necklace with the power to turn her human again. But there’s a catch—it won’t work without the right spell, and he won’t teach Lesley the spell unless she sells him her soul.
Wright guides readers into the world of magic and fantasy in his debut, a fun and polished YA adventure. Lesley Robinson is a regular teenager until she suddenly sprouts horns and a complete set of wings. It turns out that her mother has been hiding a few secrets including the fact that she, herself, is a witch and Lesley’s dad is a demon, which makes Lesley a cambion—half-human, half-demon. Lesley and her mom move to the quaint fae-protected town of Misty Hollow where Lesley attends school with fairies, werewolves, and vampires. As if morphing into a half-demon wasn’t enough to make high school miserable, bullies start narrowing their focus on Lesley, and an old foe from her mother’s past comes to collect on a debt.

Wright whisks readers to a fanciful setting perfect for fantasy enthusiasts looking for imaginative characters. While the story’s built around a suspenseful set-up, with nightmares afflicting characters and nothing less than Lesley’s soul at stake, Wright takes clear delight in introducing Misty Hollow, an engaging cast, and everyday problems. Lesley’s new school boasts mermaids, harpies, satyrs, and even a bushy-tailed fox girl, known as a kitsune, that possesses paranormal abilities. Lesley, despite being a cambion, embodies the quintessential teenage experience—those bullies, self-doubt, and her first crush. Her relatability instantly draws readers in and makes her a sympathetic protagonist, especially when she struggles to accept her new circumstances. As Lesley navigates magical creatures and demons, she and the reader learn a valuable lesson about self-love.

The battles between good and evil create tantalizing tension that keeps the reader glued to the page. With each fork in the road, Lesley’s resilience is tested. Wright propels the plot toward the dynamic climax and purposefully leaves the readers salivating for more. Young readers looking for adventure coated in magic will enjoy following Lesley’s journey of self-discovery.

Takeaway: A teenage cambion searching for acceptance discovers magic, friendship, and self-love.

Great for fans of: Michelle Madow’sThe Discovery of Magic, Martha Carr.

Production grades
Cover: A
Design and typography: A
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: A
Marketing copy: A