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Ophelia's Room
2021 International Book Awards - Two-time Finalist "Garvin has delivered one of the most well-crafted stories of the year. A five-star page-turner..."                                    San Francisco Book Review - Five Stars "Nothing in Garvin's previous novels will prepare readers for Ophelia's Room...This genre-bending novel is both a riveting psychological thriller and an in-depth character study." "Ophelia's Room straddles genres...equal parts, an honest examination of loss and a suspenseful thriller...Garvin has crafted a novel that should not be missed..." Parsons, Kansas Winter - 1968 A brutal murder has taken place. The God-fearing citizens of the sleepy midwestern town are convinced evil has taken root. A young married couple, Charlie and Delia Mull are left to pick up the pieces of shattered lives after the unspeakable tragedy. Townsfolk whisper from church pews that pretty Delia Mull has brought the misfortune upon herself - a cursed family legacy. Others believe the horrific crime is merely another sign of a violent and godless age. A mysterious woman has rented the house six doors down. Betty Malcomb is the new teacher hired at the high school. Locals are suspicious of the reclusive outsider. Why has she traveled to their peeling little town? What reasons would make her stay? Located in the remote Kansas prairie sits the state penitentiary. Imprisoned in a concrete cell, a lone madman silently awaits his opportunity to complete his unholy calling. "Garvin follows his best-selling novel, Aunt Sookie & Me with this chilling and provocative tale. The lines between guilt and innocence are blurred beyond recognition... Sometimes shocking, sometimes touching, but always an enthralling page-turner with richly drawn characters..."