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Samuel Correa
OSHLO Vol I: Metanoia
"Oshlo Vol I: Metanoia" is a novel about change. "Metanoia" means a changing of the mind, but not in a mundane, trivial sort of way. What is meant here is more of an existential change, a deep reversal, or a new outlook. This word is typically associated with repentance in a religious context. "Oshlo" is simply an Americanized way of saying Oslo the way Norwegians say it, but it becomes something unique when written in a story using it in the English language. It is also the name of a demon, or a state of mind, that makes people sex-crazed, ideologically minded towards the pursuit of pleasure and the subjugation of women, and male supremacy. It could be described as sex-addiction, but within the story, it is its own entity. The novel follows different characters trying to figure out (and overcome) the struggles of love, lust, perversion, unhealthy relationships, sexual violence, and God. I call it "Vol I" because I plan this to be a series. There are characters more prominent than others, and the language I use is raw and intent on being realistic. The narrative mixes dreams and reality to show a people whose heads are "up in the clouds" yet struggling to break free from Oshlo.