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Healthy Life Press, LLC
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Our Favorite Verses ISBN: 978-1939267917
Our Favorite Verses, Part 1 of the Series – Food for Your Soul is a collection of ‘favorite’ Scripture passages from nearly thirty contributors who share their stories of how the Word of God helped them, when they really needed help, in some very practical way. It is a veritable smorgasbord for your soul. Our Favorite Verses is organized to match the need of your moment. For example, when you’re so pressed that you only have time for some fast food, you can snack on a short devotional from the ‘Quick Inspiration’ section. Or perhaps today you could really use a recipe for converting those unsavory challenges into something more palatable, in which case a small adjustment in ‘Perspective,’ might prove invaluable. Or maybe you need a generous serving of encouragement from learning how people a lot like you have faced difficulties a lot like yours, emboldened, strengthened, and sustained by their favorite verses of ‘Comfort’ from the Word of God.