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Kate Vogt
Author, Editor (anthology)
Our Inherited Wisdom: 54 Inspirations from Nature and Poetry
Kate Vogt, author

Adult; Spirituality/Inspirational; (Market)

Our Inherited Wisdom offers delightful insight into and nourishment for our individual and collective spirit. Author Kate Vogt inspires us to slow down, look, and listen in the midst of our busy lives. In 54 short reflections and practices, she reveals the brilliance of the divine intelligence woven into all aspects of our lives—in our attitudes, sensory experiences, and relationships. It exists as well as in our planetary kin, such as the rivers, oceans, flora and fauna. For the contemplative, Kate unveils the pathway of awareness from material reality to the subtlest experiences of infinite light and love. For the social and ecological activist, she suggests that the path to lasting change begins with practicing deep gratitude for life as the birthright of all beings. For the everyday person, she shows how wisdom is revealed in ordinary moments. She invites all to live with more respect and reverence every day.
Christopher Key Chapple, PhD, Author, “In Praise of Mother Earth: The Pṛihiv

"With elegance, Kate Vogt interweaves the best of world poetry with images, personal reflection, and meditation instructions. This book will enhance every salon who embraces its wisdom as part of a weekly study group, every Yoga class that includes a segment as part of the final silence, every university classroom that uses this resource as a way of centering students. Sublime!"