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Out of Dreams Comes...The Artistic Edge: An Anthology of Original Poems, Thoughts, and Musings
She feels deeply with the pervading problems that exist in today’s society, nation and world: poverty, homelessness, ill health, injustice, and decline in moral values. Many dream for better days to come; others live in their own little dream world as a way of escape. But all feel trapped and yearn to break loose. That’s why in “Out of Dreams Comes…The Artistic Edge”, poet-author JoAnne Ciscely Nanton plumbs the depths of varied experiences with different poetic styles. This anthology of original poems, thoughts and musings seeks to point out realities as well as provide readers with a vision of hope as they transition, though slowly, out of their individual world of despair and into another realm which the poet refers to as “the artistic edge”. This poetry recalls the complexity of solitude, the evils of social injustice, and the poet’s sustaining religious inspiration, as well as her family’s emotional relationships.