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Out of The Box Awakening

Adult; Romance; (Market)

**2016 Reader's Favorite Award Winner in Women's Fiction**
**2017 Texas Association of Authors 1st Place: Romance Series**
Olivia Petersen thought her life ended the day her husband walked out. Little did she know, it had only just begun. 
A good woman, mother, and wife, she's got it made. She didn't expect anything to change, but of course it does...
Swept from her perfect paper-doll life in Houston, Olivia finds herself in Chicago, alone, betrayed, and far from home. Soon everything she thought she knew about herself and her life will be challenged. 

Ash Harper is the man who has everything--everything except healing from the losses of a lifetime and a dark family secret.

What happens when the married woman and the sexy handsome widower are thrown together by fate?

Out of the Box Awakening is a women's seasoned contemporary romance about second chances, shared passion and shared joy. Jennifer Theriot has written a compelling series about what happens when two people over the age of forty find new life and new love for themselves.
Recommended for readers over the age of 18. This book contains adult language and situations.

Dorothy May Mercer, Amazon reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars Romance Past Fifty, February 17, 2015


Dorothy May Mercer (Stanwood, MI United States) - See all my reviews

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This review is from: Out of The Box Awakening (Kindle Edition)

This is a story that answers the question, “Is love more beautiful, the second time around?” with a resounding “Yes!” After thirty years of marriage, fifty-seven year old Olivia Peterson, who has been boxed inside a humdrum, but comfortable, marriage, is suddenly thrown for a loop. Tasked with following her husband’s job move from Texas to Chicago, she packs away thirty years of memories and moves, only to be hit again with another shock—divorce papers.
There are detailed family situations with a bevy of twenty-something offspring and their tattooed musician friends.
While waiting to be free of her marriage box, Olivia meets her soul mate, the man of her dreams, who awakens feelings she never knew possible.
Recommended for romance lovers.
Dorothy May Mercer

Nan Reinhardt, Amazon reviewer

5.0 out of 5 stars A Second-Chance Story!, March 12, 2015


Nan Reinhardt - See all my reviews

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This review is from: Out of The Box Awakening (Kindle Edition)

Jennifer Theriot engaged me immediately with her Baby Boomer heroine and hero--I'm so in as soon as I discover that the characters are my age! Olivia's feelings were very real as she struggled o find her place when her whole world changes, and particularly when her marriage falls apart. Ash is is charming hero--a family guy who isn't afraid to show how he feels. Sexy, fun, delightful--Out of the Box Awakening is all about losing and finding love and also about family and how important that is! Thanks, Jennifer for a great read!

SiK Reviews / Amazon review

 Makes you believe you can love a second time!, April 10, 2014


SiK Reviews "~*Karen*~"

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This review is from: Out of The Box Awakening (Kindle Edition)

YouYou always hear the saying when one door closes another opens. This saying fits these books so well. I cried when Olivia cried, I laughed when Olivia laughed, and I angry when Olivia got angry. But best of all, Ash stole my heart when he stole Olivia’s. Ash and Olivia make you believe love can happen in an instant at any point in your life. After years of a very vanilla sex life, Ash broadens Olivia’s horizons. Olivia is spoiled beyond her wildest dreams.

The books don’t just focus on Ash and Olivia’s romance and relationship but the relationships they have with their respective children; and their “adopted” family that make up the band Avenue. Olivia is everyone’s mom and Ash is everyone’s dad.

My favorite band member has to be Todd. OMG he is hysterical! The F-bomb must have been his first word. He is the class clown that has so much passion he doesn’t know what to do with himself. The badass with the heart of gold. The connection he makes with Olivia is from the soul. Blessed even. When he finds love, he loves deep and show it through his music.

Something very cool....when Todd sings “FairyTale Man” in the book, you can actually listen to it. The lyrics of the song has been transformed by Five time San Antonio Guitar Wars winner Mark Odom that you can buy and listen to. I bought it and am listening to it now as I write this review. Knowing the story behind it really does bring a tear to your eyes.

I bought Awakening under 24 hours ago and I have to say, I devoured it! I kept looking at my reading progress and was thrilled that even though so much happened in the story, I had so much more to go. I felt like I was watching a mini series on a cable channel or something (I can totally see that). Never wanted it to end! Then, I remembered... I still have another book to read. So at about 1am this morning I started Regifted. Eventually I had to put it down so I could get some sleep.

Thankfully, my boss is away and I could finish this book. Engagements, trips, tours, interventions, and chaos. This second book was just as intriguing as the first as we continue Olivia and Ash’s journey in their relationship and those close to them. I don’t want to say too much, because I don’t like to give any spoilers.

All I can say is that Ms. Theroit had me hooked within the first 5 minutes of reading the first book let alone clamoring for the second. In telling the story of Olivia and Ash we can take away that love can happen at any time and can be just as fun in your golden years as it was in your 20s.

Jennifer is currently working on the third book, Out of the Box Everlasting. 2 Novellas from her other character's POV are planned as well and I can’t wait!

I was emotionally invested with all of the wonderful characters. The stories were told so beautifully that I was laughing and crying along with them. Out of the Box Awakening and Out of the Box Regifted are books definitely worth reading and I highly recommend you add them to your summer reading lists now! I give both books 5 Hearts! always hear the saying when one door closes another opens

Sue B (Amazon reviewer)

4.0 out of 5 stars Learning to live and love all over again, February 12, 2015


Sue B. (Texas) - See all my reviews

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This review is from: Out of The Box Awakening (Kindle Edition)

I had a really tough time reading this book...not only because it was out of my usual favorite genres of rocker, biker and dark romance...but because it just hit a little too close to home for me. I like to read books that are so far removed from my own personal life, that they are an escape. In this book though, we get the story of an older woman who, unknown to her, is about to lose what was essentially half of her life...her 30 year marriage.
When Olivia is forced to uproot from her comfortable Houston home and relocate in cold, windy Chicago because her husband Alan's job transfered him there, she was already fragile and vulnerable to the idea of starting over in a strange place. Their adult children were spread out over the world but she wanted to be with the man she loved and was willing to make a go of it.
Enter Ash, her husband's friend and the person who is sharing his home with them until they can get their own place. He is a gorgeous and caring widower who is smitten with Olivia at first sight and basically becomes the one to fill the void when Alan is away on a job. We get to learn about each of their children and how devoted they both are to their families. Music plays a huge role in bringing them together and between Ash's son's band and the various friends coming and going in their lives, it becomes almost a circus.
When Alan pulls the rug out from under Olivia's feet, it sets in motion many events and big changes in this lonely woman's life. Two people who were very compatible and meant to be together, find their way home despite all the obstacles thrown their way (EX-husband, jealous woman, obnoxious kids) and prove that it is never too late to find love.
A sweet and steamy starting-over story for an older generation of romance readers with enough kick to please some younger ones as well.

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Produced by Tanya Watt, music by Mark OdomFairytale Man: lyrics by Jennifer Theriot, music composed and performed by Mark Odom (

Mark Odom records Fairytale Man!

Lyrics I wrote called Fairytale Man, which is featured in Out of the Box Awakening and Out of the Box Regifted have been set to music by the talented Mark Odom. He's composed and recorded the song in 2 versions!

The music is available for purchase on iTunes

Out of the Box Awakening voted #16 in The 50 Best Indie Books of 2014 by ReadFre

Out of the Box Awakening was voted #16 in The 50  Best Indie Books of 2014

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