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Andrea Kampic
Outliers, Outsiders and Others
Sometimes you just want a little light reading before you close your eyes at night: Outliers, Outsiders and Others would not be those kind of stories and poems. Rather, these are a bit unsettling, sometimes asking you to look deep and wonder what the heck has happened to us, where are we going (and why are we in this handbasket?), perhaps question whether we need to stop and retrace our steps before things really get out of hand. And yet we can appreciate that we still have our humanity and can even belly laugh at ourselves once in a while. The short fiction works in this collection are basically studies of those of us in this modern crazy world who simply don’t fit in, those on the fringe, maybe the canaries in the coalmine that America has become. These are stories and people that are generally not covered in the nightly news. See if you find yourself walking among them in some way. If not, have we grown a little too comfortable with insanity? These stories are just askin’. HERMAN WHO? What happens when an average man meets a great man in unhappy circumstances THE SWING Can a middle-aged man stop making mistakes now? ELLA PRICE A bit of a cautionary tale on pinning big hopes on someone who barely knows who you are JUST ENOUGH Is psychologically withholding affection ever a good relationship strategy? THE RIGHT QUESTIONS A fable of sorts on what one would do (or not do) being the only child of the richest man on the planet WHITE SANDY BEACH Ever get the feeling that you are living the wrong life? & Other Stories of Others