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Paul Snider
Outpost Harry
Paul Snider, author
Told from the front lines of one of the most intense weeks of combat during the Korean war, the final battle for Outpost Harry was fought for control of a key strategic position in the Iron Triangle. UN control of Harry would block communist forces from gaining a sight-line into the Kumwha Valley, block the most direct march into the south Korean capital of Seoul, and keep this important hill in the hands of the free world once the post-war territory lines were drawn. As talks of truce whispered through the Chorwon Valley, US troops were commanded to defend Outpost Harry and "hold at all costs." Outnumbered often by as many as 20 to 1, night after night from June 10-18, 1953, US 15th Infantry Regiment and the Greek Expeditionary Forces - Sparta Battalion defended freedom and democracy from Communist takeover against incredible odds. More than 88,000 rounds of Chinese artillery fell on the small hilltop of Outpost Harry during that 10-day period in June, 1953, one month before the cease-fire.