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Rada Jones
Overdose, An ER Phycological Thriller
Dr. Emma Steele is having a bad day. Scratch that. She's having the worst day of her career. After all, she never before woke up in her own ER tied to a stretcher, wearing mental health patients blue paper scrubs. How the heck did this happen? She was hunting for a killer, and she found him. Just as he seized her and planted evidence accusing her of his crimes. She's innocent, so she'll be free soon. She has friends who can't wait to help.Twice wrong.Things can't get any worse. Until they do. Emma's challenges? A community decimated by the opioid epidemic. A charming psychopath dealing in drugs and sex. A daughter who hates her and an ex who doesn't. Daily blood, guts, and death. Betrayal. And wine. Overdose is a captivating page-turner for medical junkies. "Dr. Steele is heroine, martyr, friend, foe, villain, failure, and all points in between. All that, and a plot that has enough twists and surprises to qualify for an honorary M. Night Shyamalan award, this book takes you on a ride. Do yourself a favor and pick up your copy today.""It's written so well, I could picture her ER, the waiting room, her home, etc. What I liked best were the surprise developments near the end that caught me off guard. Having been a working mother with a pressure-cooker job, I could relate to the angst she felt.""Truly enjoyed this book!!! My criteria for mysteries is simple....when I can't put the book down, it's damn good!!!!"OVERDOSE: An ER life novel with strong, flawed characters entangled in complicated relationships, life and death fights, and wine. Mostly red.