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Painting Pictures
Growing up in disadvantaged neighborhoods, our youth learn at an early age that they have to adapt to the rules of the streets or fall victim to it. Thus, they replicate the image of their environment, resulting in the ongoing cycle of violence, drugs, incarceration and tragedy. This book brings you into the harsh and complex world in which our urban youth struggle and you will hear first-hand accounts of the alarming images and circumstances inner-city youth must overcome. You will learn that although their pictures look bleak, filled with disasters, frustrations and destructive emotions, a greater picture can be painted. Tear-jerking testimonies will provide an understanding that even those raised in the most hopeless of environments can still grow and evolve into sources of inspiration for their community and for society. Painting Pictures serves to remind us all that we can play a crucial role in ensuring that our marginalized youth receive the support and encouragement they need to rise out of their poor conditions and paint a better future for themselves.