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Pandora's Lockbox
PANDORA’S LOCKBOX is a memoir of Nico Griffith’s life from divorce to a top-selling real estate agent in 1980s Southern California when real estate regulation hadn't been invented. These behind-the-scenes-stories of selling real estate take readers from shaking their heads to laughing out loud to shedding a few tears. Her life and those of her fellow agents, aka The Fab Five, are packed with intrigue, romance, sex and incredibly entertaining situations with buyers and sellers who don't know what they want. Some of the best parts are found in the “sundowner” gatherings where agents one-up each other with harrowing tales of their recent exploits with clients and listings. Nico’s love for her hunky “Robert Redford” cowboy businessman from Texas, Jamison, takes us on an emotional journey of love, passion and loss. Although Nico is mostly solitary, her career offers her clients and agents that she loves like a family. Although Nico's true life adventures emulate a dark comedy, they echo the adventures of real estate agents everywhere.