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Adult; Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Horror; (Market)

On a planet located in the Sombrero Galaxy created at the beginning of time and space. A single planet in one of its solar systems was granted by the Ancient of Days, the creator of time and space, to set forth the seeds of life. After billions of seasons of tectonic movement its many continents converged to form a single supercontinent thusly named by the ancient Tehran Kings--Pangea. An evil entity once encountered the Second Age of their civilization appears to be stirring once again in the Dark Forest. Led by the Tehran sorceress Isolde, a Centaur lord, Warrow elves and a Wiki. They will lead a perilous journey along with the armies of the five kingdoms, toward the citadel of the Dark Tower to encounter the evil lord Abandon. With his minions of cyclops known as the Malakai and the dwarf Neanderthals, they will do battle for control of Pangea.