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Luanga Nuwame
Author, Contributor
Paper Rock Scissors N' Stuff #1
We all know the beloved hand game Rock-Paper-Scissors…or is it Paper-Rock-Scissors?! Regardless of the order in which you prefer, this classic hand game is known the entire world over! From Mongolia and Australia to the United States and South Africa and all points in-between, everyone knows this game. That being said, it’s just a game with no story or narrative behind it – Until now! Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars is a re-imagining of the world’s most famous and played game. Forget about an origin story about how the game was invented – there is a Wikipedia page for that. Instead, let’s take things to an insane creative level by putting the elements of Rock, Paper, and Scissors on a distant world and breathe life into them! Imagine a comic book narrative surrounding once inanimate objects now busting with life, emotions, hopes, and biases. This is the world of Paper Rock Scissors N’ Stuff Wars. Paper beats Rock – Rock beats Scissors – Scissors beats Paper! How does a piece of Paper defeat Rock and why is that an advantage? What would happen if Rock discovered it was stronger than Scissors, or if Scissors found a race of living Papers it could easily conquer? What thoughts would living creatures assign to such revelations? This series mixes fantasy and real-life consequences within a four-issue series!