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Wanda Vargas
Author, Illustrator
Parallel Circuit
Wanda Vargas, author

Adult; Mystery/Thriller; (Market)

When Detective Castiel (Cast) Chavez discovers that one of his cases has been published as a fiction novel, he sets out to find the author. Furthermore, the novel reveals missing details of an unsolved murder plot that he can use to finally close the case. What Cast does not know is that author Achaia Imala is a clairvoyant cursed with visions of crimes as they happen. Tormented by what she sees, Achaia has closed herself to the world and her only means of support are the novels she writes based on her visions. This psychic connection brings Cast and Achaia together as she decides to expose her ability and help the detective with his current case. When Achaia gets a new vision of a young woman kidnapped, she reaches out to the only person she knows that can help, Detective Chavez. The search exposes a disposing network that expands through the southwest. As Cast and Achaia set out to rescue the abducted women, feelings evolve between the two. When Achaia goes missing, Cast must rescue her as well before she becomes one of the disappeared.