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Hot. Wet. Wild. If this erotic thriller had a mood gauge, it'd read 'redline scorch' and the mercury just keeps soaring as this torrid summer mind-bender scrapes nerves raw and hormones ragged. It's peak vacation season on the beautiful, fifteen-mile stretch of the warm Colorado River, better known as Parker Strip, where short-tempered sheriff JIMMY WITCHITAW suddenly wakes up with a mysteriously brutal homicide on his hands. Unfortunately his only leads are a bloody, four-way trail of morbid retribution splayed out by... ...vengeful crime boss NICK SARVINO... ...loose-cannon FBI agent RICHARD CANAVERAL... ...the beautiful, lust-filled mob lawyer CLARITY CARLYSLE... ...and a viscous pack of heavily-armed tribal 'ghostriders' known as THE HELLHAWK FREEDOM FIGHTERS... ...all of whom drive this normally peaceful resort town into a twisted labyrinth of high-voltage vengeance, power-driven greed and brain-scorching seduction. Regrettably, after one last horrific discovery, Witchitaw suddenly learns the shocking truth, but it may be too late and in a bone-chilling, pulse-pounding, thrill ride of a climax, he runs the risk of getting trapped out on this lonesome river of death, where the threat of attack after relentless attack from his worst possible enemy may be unavoidable. Inspired by true events, Parker Strip is an explosive, thought-provoking confrontation of ultimate human deception on the level of "Body Heat", "L.A. Confidential" and "Three Days In The Valley".