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Elizabeth I. Acree
Patches the Cow Dog

Patches the Cow Dog is based on a true story and tells the tale of a lone lost puppy amidst a herd of cows and how he comes to survive on his own. Mr. B, a cattleman of the area, rides his beloved horse Doubletime on the levee among his cows every day to be sure they are alright. One day, he sees a little white darting thing darting in and out among his cows. Mr. B cannot tell what it is so he tells Doubletime to go after it. Eventually Mr. B determines that it is a little puppy running scared and all alone. He then tries to help the puppy by bringing out food and leaving it, but the puppy just runs away. Times goes on and even the townspeople in the small nearby town become concerned, as the puppy never eats the left out food. Yet he grows bigger and no one knows how. One day, Mr. B, concerned for the puppy’s life with oncoming winter, rides up on the levee again to check on his cows. There before him is what looks like a miracle. The puppy is standing on his hind legs drinking milk right from a mama cow’s milk bag and both are very content. Mr. B rushes to tell the good news of the puppy’s survival to the townspeople and all rejoice. The puppy grows to be healthy and strong and chooses to remain with the herd as a kind of shepherd and protector. The people name him Patches and his fame spreads far and wide. He is the town Hero.

Marta, Amazon

An adorable book for children of ages!

Book signing for Patches the Cow Dog at Sassafras on Sutton

On a balmy Sunday afternoon in Black Mountain, NC, friends and neighbors gathered at the indie bookstore Sassafras on Sutton to support the launch of Patches the Cow Dog by Elizabeth I Acree with illustrations by Nancy Nehls Nelson. Sassafras companioned the book with small lookalike black and white stuffed dogs which were enjoyed by all and which increased sales. A brief reading was given by the author and paintings by the illustrator were present. A Success for all!