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Monty Vogel
Pawns of Pleiku
A factual novel of a 4-man MAT team, living and operating with the primitive Montagnard tribesmen in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. 1LT Darryl Wagner's war is a surreal and harrowing experience, analogous to 1700s fur trappers living with Native Americans. Two centuries changed weaponry, but life is similar in an assignment unimaginable upon his induction into the military. He was trained to lead American Infantrymen. Instead, he was sent to train and fight alongside primitive Montagnard tribesmen. He lived, ate, and operated in filth and disease..... in some of Vietnam's most remote villages, mountains and jungles. They were tossed into positions as expendable pawns, vulnerable and alone, as were the Montagnard soldiers and civilians they lived and fought beside. A new assignment created a conflict between duty and conscience. It wasn't what he signed on for, and it was wrong... The enemy was supposed to be the North Vietnamese Army....but not always.