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Otto Bocktopus
Pay Me to Do Nothing!
You probably never met anyone who thinks like Otto – laugh your way to a new life perspective! People always told Otto that working hard would lead to being more successful and that being more successful would lead to being happy. But that wasn't true. Shake your head at his antics, giggle at his tales, and come away with a whole new perspective on companies and work and laziness and happiness. --- At his first job, Otto Bocktopus busted ass and made $3.35/hour. Last year, like most years, he was paid about $700K and he did nothing. He does only what he wants, yet he is always getting paid. How did he get from there to here? And, can you? If you believe that working hard will lead to being more successful and that being more successful will lead to being happy, and you find yourself planning to work hard your whole life until around the time your body starts to fail, then this book can teach you the fallacy of your thinking and help you find true happiness. Told through the lens of his outrageous work experiences, Otto will make you laugh and make you think. You may shake your head at his antics but you will come away with a whole different way of thinking about companies and business leaders and work and laziness and happiness. --- Don't miss out on the hilarious online quizzes at the end of each chapter! Test your understanding of Otto's perspective and laugh!
The Reading Bud

Pay Me To Do Nothing! How a Lazy, Broke and Tired Boy Found His Calling by Otto Bocktopus is a funny fictional corporate memoir that has tons of life lessons for its readers.

I loved reading this book, admittedly more than I had been expecting, because it had so much to offer. First of all I loved the way the story (the fictional memoir) was told through the POV of Otto, a character, almost everyone can relate to in some way or another. Secondly, the sheer value of the lessons covered in this book is simply out-standing. In spite of it being a corporate-comedy, the lessons from this book can be applied to any area with a little tweaking. And lastly, I loved the humorous undercurrent that ran through he book. I appreciated the author’s clever and subtle sense of humour and it made reading this book feel like a very smooth ride.

I liked the writing style of the author. The characterisation as good and felt apt for the purpose this book was written. I loved the situations that were covered in this book and over all I think this book has a lot to offer to everyone. Therefore, I’d highly recommend it to all readers who’d like to read about a quirky character and learn tons of life-lessons in doing so!

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