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Peeing On Hot Coals
This coming of age memoir is dramatic and heart wrenching, as young Patsy Lou takes us on a journey through the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma and Texas at the time of our nation’s greatest environmental disaster. You will keep reading to find out what more could happen to this sweet child of the Great Depression after she endures severe burns down there at age seven when she pees on hot coals. As a result she suffers a type of genital mutilation that affects her entire life. And with it all, her delicious sense of humor is evident throughout Peeing On Hot Coals. We laugh out loud at the vivid descriptions of her preacher dad, a straight from the Bible Belt Mama and her eight siblings. Characters, such as Auntie Maud whose four hundred pounds makes it dangerous for her to cross the road, is gifted a red STOP sign to hold up. From such humble beginnings and with little formal education Patsy Lou’s attitude of It Can Be Done instilled in her the fearlessness, in spite of two rapes and an abusive first husband, to organize substantive meetings with twenty-six world leaders from Gorbachev to the premier of China. Along the way, she is forced to confront the strict religious fundamentalism from her childhood and to learn to make peace with her Mother, who disapproved of nearly every one of Pat’s actions, from wearing make-up, to dancing, to divorce.