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Ankita Sinha
Penny the Penguin's Colorful Adventure
Ankita Sinha, author
Come join Penny the penguin on her colorful journey of self-discovery! With feathers so fine, Penny feels like she's meant for something more than the black and white monotony of her colony. Determined to find the source of color, Penny sets out on an adventure in the ocean, meeting other creatures with stories to tell and discovering that being different is a gift. With vibrant illustrations and an uplifting message, this children's book encourages readers to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate the diversity of the world around them. And that's not all - every copy of the book comes with a special certificate of uniqueness that parents can award to their children for demonstrating self-confidence and embracing diversity in their everyday lives.Give your child the gift of reading and recognition with this one-of-a-kind book!
Sinha’s sweet, rhyming picture book for young children follows Penny the penguin as she learns to love and accept herself. Penny has sleek black and white feathers, but in her heart she feels different from the rest of her colony. She longs to be bold like the rest of the creatures in the ocean, so she sets out on a journey “to find the source of color.” Penny’s story spans the sea as she meets whales, fish, squid, and stingrays with fascinating stories to share. Ultimately Penny realizes she does not need to change her feathers to be fulfilled and that being unique is a gift, as she is already “a penguin of true beauty, for all the world to see.”

This book’s inclusive message is important for children to internalize as they begin to notice differences between themselves and their peers and make comparisons. Introducing the concept of individuality and celebrating the importance of diversity will help adults start conversations with curious kids, who will be eager to point out some of the ways they are special like Penny. The singsong prose is mostly straightforward and easy to follow, which will help hold the interest of even easily distracted audiences. Some rhymes feel forced, but this doesn’t detract from the fun story’s positive vibes.

Sinha’s illustrations are lighthearted and playful, showing Penny playing in the snow, lounging on an inner tube, and snowboarding in a pink scarf. The new friends she meets are friendly and eager to interact—a smiling sea star, a serene turtle, and a grinning narwhal are standouts. Penny and the cartoon-like creatures bob in front of a simple blue-and-white background, putting focus on their distinctive features. At the end of the book each reader receives a “certificate of uniqueness,” sweetly formalizing its message of being proud of one’s own one-of-a-kind qualities.

Takeaway: Sweet, rhyming story of a penguin learning to love and accept herself.

Comparable Titles: Madeleine MacRae’s The Unusual Penguin, Todd Parr’s Be Who You Are.

Production grades
Cover: A-
Design and typography: A-
Illustrations: A-
Editing: B+
Marketing copy: A-