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Perestroika: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Perestroika overthrows communist regimes in Europe. In the People's Republic of Slavia the former leaders are trying to survive the new times, while their victims seek revenge. Former President Alfred Ionescu is placed in an asylum he himself built. Zut Zdanov, the head of culture, is confronted with his child abuse. Helena Yava, responsible for education, wants to avenge her lover's death. Igor Olin, responsible for the economy, fights for his disabled son to have a dignified life. Art historian Silvia Lenka wants to know who her parents are. Lia Kirchner, the daughter of a painter who died in a re-education camp, wants to know the truth. Having as a binding element Pilate's question to Jesus “what is truth?”, Perestroika is a novel of revenge, redemption and catharsis inspired by recent European history.


The author skilfully intertwines personal struggles with the broader political landscape, creating a compelling story of resistance in the face of oppression. ... an engaging exploration of power dynamics, dissent, and the human spirit in a society grappling with its tumultuous past. ... Perestroika not only delights with a well-crafted story but also prompts reflection on the human condition in the face of the pressures of tumultuous history.

Erudite, eloquent and perspicacious, Perestroika has a Solzhenitsyn/Kafka/Pasternak/Dostoevsky flavor.

What makes "Perestroika" particularly resonant is its relevance to the present day. As Putin's invasion of Ukraine looms large and populist leaders and neo-Nazi movements gain traction across the globe, the novel serves as both a reflection of the past and a stark warning for the future. In this sense, "Perestroika" transcends its historical setting to become a powerful commentary on contemporary politics and society.

... a sobering tale of a regime that controls all aspects of life. Citizens are indoctrinated and fiercely punished for the smallest of infractions. ... Perestroika delivers a story of survival and revenge against a regime pushing for ultimate control.

... wonderfully written, with a nicely woven plotline and twists and turns that will keep you looking forward to the subsequent chapters. The novel is very effective in passing on the intended message... The author describes things vividly, which captures the imagination of the reader, and the prowess in narration adds to the overall appeal of the book. I am looking forward to reading something else by this author.

...a well-written narrative that's fast paced.

Perestroika is an ambitious novel that has no comparison with other political novels. In fact, it is unique in Portuguese, and even European, letters. Perhaps the authors who have most in common with João Cerqueira are George Orwell and Michel Houllebecq, as he shares with them their dystopian vision, brutal frankness, and black humor.
Garry Craig Poweel, writer

Prizes won by Perestroika

Perestroika  won those prizes:

2023 Historical Fiction Company Book of the Year in Europe Fiction
2024 Independent Press Awards in World Literature
2024 BookFest Awards in Historical\Literary and Women's Fiction
2024 FireBird Book Awards in Historical Fiction
2024 Outstanding Creator Awards in Political Fiction
2024 Independent Authors Awards in Multicultural Fiction\ Faction
2024 American Legacy Awards, finalist
2024 Book Excellence Awards finalist
2023 Latino Book Awards bronze medal
2021 Eyland Awards finalist
2021 Fiction Factory finalist
Pushcart Prize nominee 2023