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Suzanne Wylde
Author, Illustrator
Perfect: A Self-Love Adventure

Picture Book; Self-Help, Sex & Relationships, Psychology, Philosophy, Fashion; (Market)

We are all a little bit different and all perfect in our own special way! Come on an adventure with lively characters in a range of settings from nature, to space, to dance studios. The children in this book love and accept their unique bodies, enjoy movement, know they are perfect, accept difficult situations, work through their emotions and know that love is there whenever and wherever they need it. Your child will love the wide range of characters, the easy rhyming verse and the simple exercises you can do together as you read along.
Lily Lai

My husband and I are both British Born Chinese and we are now parents to an almost 2-year old toddler. Both my husband and I absolutely loved growing up in this country but we both grew up questioning our identity for at least part of our childhood because of our culture and how different we looked to all of our other friends. Now we are parents, we’ve been thinking ourselves about how to talk about these important themes of culture and diversity with our extremely chatty daughter and ‘Perfect’ is the first book I have read to her about these topics. Although she’s only 2, I was personally really impressed at how much she engaged with this book from the first read. The pictures are beautiful, colourful and original and the text engaging and thoughtfully and sensitively put together. As with ‘open-ended’ toys, I see this book also as being ‘open-ended’ - at a younger age you can use it for vocabulary, the rhymes and to look at pictures and colours. As my daughter gets older, I can see myself using this to ask her questions about the various scenarios being presented, to reflect on how different characters might be feeling and how we might react ourselves if we were in their position. The activities in the book as well as the colouring sheets are also genius ways of making the book even more fun and to reinforce the learning!  

‘Perfect’ is a great book that offers a safe space for ourselves and our daughter to start having these important and sensitive conversations about diversity, self-acceptance and emotional regulation. It deserves a space on every child’s bookcase and I know that we will be revisiting this book with our daughter time and time again

Louise Moont

This book has bright, engaging pictures and fun rhymes which we loved. I particularly liked the focus on diversity, and how it opened up the opportunity to talk about different issues like cleft lip or having a disability. We found the breathing exercises easy to learn. This children's book was so much more than just an interesting read!

Sarah W, Amazon

I received our book today and have just read it to my son (whom has a large Port Wine Stain) and we loved it. He asked a lot of questions which is what I wanted. We talked about differences, disabilities, emotions, acceptance, understanding and kindness. This book addresses it all. This book is bright and beautiful and perfectly formed. Thank you.