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Perfectly Imperfect: How ADHD Can Inspire Leaders and Entrepreneurs to Burn Brighter and Not Burn Out
Kiran Aas, author
Mirror, mirror on the wall can Perfectly Imperfect inspire me at all? Prior to 2021, Kiran, an apparently successful corporate warrior for decades, would have looked at the mirror and, with a grimace, said, “Nonsense!” But as the labels Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and finally ADHD were stamped on his resume, he was compelled to seek inspiration to answer thard questions. Medical professionals aided Kiran to survive with ADHD. But, he was determined to also thrive. He shared his dreams and vulnerabilities with leaders and entrepreneurs he admired. Their answer: “Find those small changes that will make your imperfect reflection perfect.” With an energetic ‘Oh Yes!’, Kiran embarks on an odyssey of discovery. It revolves around his invisible friend Oh, the impetus behind his smile. Both have suddenly disappeared! Kiran learns that Oh is held captive by mysterious forces. With a somber ‘Oh No!’, he sets out on a quest to free Oh and reclaim his smile. Naturally, Kiran needs help. He unexpectedly stumbles upon the pixies of Oh Landia who with their amazing abilities can provide just what Kiran needs. But he must acquire new skills, soft skills, emotional skills (Ouch!) vastly different from those that come naturally to a corporate warrior. Thankfully these lie in the sweet spot of his perfect and imperfect ADHD, Leadership and Entrepreneurship qualities. Perfectly Imperfect is not just an enthralling tale with twists and turns, generously spiced with humor, but also one that offers deep insights. The end is intriguing and along the way we are introduced to interesting concepts, tools and ‘cool’ moves that can be applied by anyone with or without ADHD, who wants to find and free their own Oh and in the process discover their own ways to thrive. Bio From Bengaluru to Copenhagen, Kiran's career has spanned multiple decades, continents and domains. Today, Kiran is passionately learning to weave Indian concepts like ‘jugaad’ with the Danish ones like ‘hygge’ to settle emotional debts and foster new accomplishments. His mission: creating a billion smiles daily! Follow Kiran's transformative journey at