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Petite Carême: ... the beautiful days of Indian Summer
Petite Carême is a brief respite from the rainy weather that occurs on our island from mid-September to mid-October. It is filled with warm days of early morning sunshine and evening afterglows. These poems, like Petite Carême, is an enchanting collection that tells a story of a love that was brief yet beautiful... a gentle yet feverish awakening , leaving an eternal afterglow in the heart.

look away now
forget these tears I cry
we knew summer moments would be over
though we never thought
of the pain
that would shred our emotions
when we had to whisper, “good-bye”

- Kimelene Carr, 'Fallen' from Petite Carême

The poems are simply beautiful both in style, which is free verse, and theme.

These poems tell a story of moments that are sweet, full of love, but transitory.

I liked how this book shows that the moments we love might die, but the memories live in our hearts forever.

we sit
in the final moment
of our beautiful
sunlit days
ask me again
if I love you still

i smile up at the sky
i step into the moving images of us
in the clouds that go by
and i say to you

- Kimelene Carr, 'Summer Dream' from Petite Carême

Kindle Edition eBooks Details
  • B079VXV961
  • pages
  • $