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Hope Flansburg
Piece by Piece: Picking Up the Shards of a Soul Worth Saving
In the summer of 1996, eighteen-year-old Jessie Cody’s peaceful life is shattered. After discovering her sister’s dark secret, she suffers a brutal attack to keep her silent. If the truth is revealed, it will ruin the lives of her family and friends so Jessie’s only choice is to run away. Thirteen years later, Jessie returns home to find she is not the only one harboring painful secrets. As events begin to unravel, the past comes rushing back, and relationships may be destroyed forever. Is it possible for Jessie to redefine her trauma and find a place in the life she left behind? Piece by Piece is a story of heart-wrenching loss, acknowledging deep wounds, and trusting in the power of God’s grace. It is a novel of redemption, the mystery of eternal love and the forever bond of family.